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Get new experience at 3d blocks building!

Build with Cubes it is a voxel editor. Here you can build constructions with blocks, 3D cubes and even using moving game entities. You don't need to explore whole world to find materials, you don't need to mined or craft blocks — just turn on your fantasy and create something original with almost unlimited number of ready to use objects.

Build castle or maze, sky island, build house or even city, create pixel/voxel art 3D avatars. Whatever you want! Here is a numerous blocks, color cubes and blocks with natural textures you can use to show your creativity and wildest imagination.

To save your time and let you the way to create symmetrical voxel models faster and more accurately, «Build with Cubes» have a Symmetry Mode. When you place one cube it could be mirrored 2 or 4 times depend on way you choose. Moreover you can change the symmetry pivot to build with blocks a lot of symmetrical constructions. Place pack of blocks (up to 100 cubes) by one tap and build faster.

Use Fly Mode to fly around and control your construction from different angles. There is no restrictions for placing a blocks - you can add cubes from any point, it does not matter whether you come close to it or flew away from it by 100 kilometers.

You can save your project to local slot and open it later for editing. Also you can publish your work to the schematic gallery (where you can find numerous minecraft schematics files)  and open other projects to change it and add some creativity.

When you publish your work, application create a page with layered schematics of your construction. Share your construction with friends through social networks!

If you looking for some fresh ideas for your constructions just open gallery and get inspired by one of the projects created by other people. Or open collection on website, get schematics (NBT file) and import it to MC, or just build construction layer by layer using scheme.


- 100+ ready to use cubes such as popular MC blocks,  color cubes, natural textured blocks, windows, doors, furniture, flowers, moving entities, car and train, elevator/lift and sphere/cube/cylinder with physics to make some physical experiments, ready to use primitives (voxel models) of trees, pyramids, walls, archs with randomly generated size; - you can create mountains using so-called «rocks fill tool», experimental tool you never seen before; - easy stairs building — just place stairs-cube and application will turn it to the right side; - to move faster in your 3D world use teleports (they are working in pairs); - place massive of blocks (up to 100 cubes) by one tap; - save your buildings to local slot and edit it later; - publish your work and get page with scheme you can build layer by layer in other applications, check project statistic of how many cubes and what type of blocks used; - edit other published constructions and add your ideas and creativity to it; - use 8 different locations for your base to build with blocks; - use Symmetry and Fly Modes to create block's buildings faster and more accurately; - change center pivot to create complex symmetrical buildings; - build from any point, no limitation on range/distance when adding a new 3D block.


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Voxel Builder
voxel app
voxel creator
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